No Doubt About McNerney…Seasoned Congressman Has Immersed Himself In S.J. County Issues

October 10, 2012

We would contrast his 25-year-old opponent, Ricky Gill, a bright, well-spoken man seeking his first elected post. Gill lacks even a scintilla of public experience, save his service as an appointed student representative on the state school board when he was in high school. Further, since he graduated from law school earlier this year, he lacks any demonstrated work experience, aside from his campaign claims to have “worked on his family farm” growing up.

Gill says, “We need more statesmen in Congress,” but even before being elected he has signed the infamous Grover Norquist anti-tax pledge that essentially removes negotiation from the bargaining table. He told The Record’s editorial board he would stand by that pledge even if the nation went to war.

This is not to suggest Gill isn’t bright. He most assuredly is. Nor is he a flamethrower. But his level of naïveté and being born privileged at times makes him seem dismissive of just how tough some Valley residents have it.

McNerney has had tough times. He has been laid off from a job. For that matter, he had actual jobs before launching his public service career.

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