From Jerry’s Desk, March 2016

March 14, 2016

We’re only three months away from the primary election in California, and my challengers are just like the Republican Presidential candidates – they want to move our country backward instead of forward. 

As your voice in Congress, I fight for you every day, to build a better future for all of us. I know a lot of families struggle to make ends meet and many people are finding it difficult to get a good-paying job. This is why I continue to push for legislation that provides incentives for small businesses, especially in areas of high unemployment, to grow their operations and hire previously unemployed workers – to help turn local economies around.  

As one of only two scientists in Congress, I understand the value of helping our young people pursue the STEM fields. These technical subjects prepare students for successful careers and help them become the innovators of tomorrow. Encouraging STEM education also ensures our country has a workforce that’s capable of competing in a global economy. 

Building a highly-skilled workforce will also help us to respond to critical issues, like the effects of climate change. Reducing our use of fossil fuels that contribute to climate change will require us to create a robust and innovative clean energy economy, and I have authored the Consumers REBATE Act that will do just that. 

The severe drought threatens the health and well-being of our communities. Forging long-term solutions to the drought requires less talk about old ideas and more action on forward-thinking solutions that will result in a sustainable water future. I’m saying NO to misguided proposals like the plan to build two massive tunnels to move water south, which would destroy the Delta’s fragile ecosystem and harm our farmers, families, and our way of life. I’m working on the right approach to this challenge – legislation that boosts efficient and technology-based solutions that take pressure off the Delta by building regional sustainability and resiliency in communities across the state.

Throughout my time in Congress, I’ve been a strong advocate for our veterans who served our country, protected our national security, and defended our freedoms. I’m proud to report that we are now close to constructing a VA medical clinic in French Camp, CA to ensure that the 87,000 veterans in the greater Central Valley have access to vital health care services. The VA estimates the clinic will begin construction in 2017, and I will be tracking its progress every step of the way

We have a tough fight on our hands this election and every vote will matter. My challengers will be supported by dark money from SuperPACs pushing an extreme agenda that doesn’t represent you or your interests. Until we can reform a broken campaign finance system that only makes the gridlock in Washington worse, I’ll need your support to fight dark money and to help me reach voters. I’ll continue to do my part by championing campaign finance reform in Congress and getting my Republican and Democrat colleagues to join me. 

This election is a choice between two visions for the future of our country. One vision where everyone is given the opportunity to work hard to realize their own American dream and we all believe that our best days are ahead of us, or a vision that continues to grow the vastly unequal and unfair distribution of wealth in this country. 

With your support, we can run a campaign that underscores our country’s strength and offers a positive vision for our future. 

With gratitude,